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For a corporate website to be effective and do the job it should do – generate business – it needs to make an impact. It is also vital that your website reflects your brand. It is also essential that your company website can be accessed from mobile devices because of the fact, more and more of us are getting online and making internet searches from mobile devices.

For web design Leeds businesses regularly rely on the experience and talent of ourselves. Having been involved in the rapidly evolving digital industry for more than 15 years, we understand the importance of incorporating these essential design traits into a website to ensure it remains competitive in an extremely crowded market.

Our quality team ensure that all websites that are entrusted to us are designed to be mobile responsive, reflect the company’s brand in a creative, unique and inspiring way, and, above all, create an impact, meaning visitors are likely to search your site, learn more about your products and services and ultimately do business with you.

Web Design Leeds

Helping your website rank higher

Businesses of all shapes, industries and sizes, need to work with a company which is experienced in designing sites that rank high on Google and the other search engines. Google constantly strives to improve and maintain the quality of content on the internet, and consequently rewards sites that place an emphasis on producing high quality content.
Features such as a website being designed to look good and be accessible and fully-functional on mobile devices, and comprising of quality content, including images, text and videos, are all components that will influence how the Google algorithms view and rank a website.

We ensure they remain up-to-date with Google’s SEO demands and design and tweak websites for our clients that will be competitive and will rank high on search engine results. Whether your website is created in WordPress, HTML5, Joomla, or a bespoke CMS system, it needs to be responsive for the various devices it might be reached from, a vital design trait a quality company will never fail to incorporate.

A bespoke site that can be navigated with ease

We’ve all been there – unable to find the product, information or service we’re looking for on a site and swiftly abandoned it and gone elsewhere. Generally speaking, people want their experience online to be easy and stress-free. They don’t want to stumble across a website where they can’t find what they are looking for!

We design websites with such potential concerns in mind. We make sure the sites that we are working on are easy to navigate and that the information can be clearly found so that visitors don’t abruptly leave the site in a huff!

Above all, we create bespoke websites for our clients, designed to stand out from the crowd and reflect the business’s brand in a compelling, effective and creative way.

Glitch free web design Leeds

Another issue that can lead to your potential customers going elsewhere is if your site is full of glitches and fails to work as it should do.
We will work tirelessly to ensure every site it develops and tweaks is free of errors, typos, glitches and problems before it goes live. In short, we make sure your website is in impeccable condition before it is made live for the whole of the world to see.

If you require high quality web design Leeds based Cool Beans can take care of all your requirements.

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